Brownells Starter Punch Set

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Brand: Brownells
Category: Gunsmith Tools & Supplies
Sub-Category: General Gunsmith Tools

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Keeps Those Longer Pin/Drift Punches From Self-Destructing

We are constantly encouraging you to always use starting punches to break tight pins loose - then use a ''''drift'''' or pin-punch to drive the pin the rest of the way out. This saves bending pin punches, but much more importantly, it prevents fine guns from getting pin punch mars should the pin punch bend and slip - or - break, and scratch. To bring you the best possible Starter Punches, we have had special, Short Replaceable Pins made up to fit our famous Gunsmith's Replacement Punch Set Handles. Their regular use will definitely improve your production . . . and your professionalism! Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Handle 3'''' (7.6cm) long x 3/8'''' (9.5mm) diameter. Pins 1'''' (2.5cm) long. Set includes 3 punches and three pins. Replacement Pin Sizes: .039'''' (.99mm) for 3/64'''' (1.2mm) diameter pins. .060'''' (1.5mm) for 1/16'''' (1.6mm) diameter pins; .091'''' (2.3mm) for 3/32'''' (2.4mm) diameter pins

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