Brownells Acra-Quick? & Acra-20?

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Brand: Brownells
Category: Gunsmith Tools & Supplies
Sub-Category: Stock Work & Finishing

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High-Strength, Super Duty Epoxies That Mix Perfectly, Harden Fast & Hold Like Iron

Acra 2-part epoxies are truly revolutionary in terms of strength, hardening time, and their ability to bond to almost any material. Specially formulated, clear drying, resin/hardener in a 1-to-1 ratio, sets and cures fast for rock solid, virtually invisible repairs every time. Use in the shop, field or even around the house to permanently repair hundreds of items that would otherwise be thrown in the trash. Will not dry out, crack or become brittle with time. Unlike traditional adhesives, Acra-Quick is unaffected by moisture and chemicals. Forms an amazingly strong, tight bond to metals, woods, ceramics, and most plastics. Clear drying, except Acra-Quick Stainless Gel tha Mfg: Brownells SPECS: ACRA-QUICK KIT - 1.6 fl. oz. (50 ml), Acra-Quick epoxy cartridge, 2 mixing tips, 1 application gun.ACRA-20 KIT - 1.6 fl. oz. (50 ml), Acra-20 epoxy cartridge, 2 mixing tips, 1 application gun.ACRA-QUICK GEL KIT - 1.6 fl. oz. (50 ml), Acra-Quick Gel epoxy cartridge, 2 mixing tips

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