Speedbump Stockworks Ken Rucker's Auto-Buster? Recoil Reduction System

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Brand: Speedbump Stockworks
Category: Rifle Parts
Sub-Category: Stock Parts

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Buttstock-Mounted System Tames Felt Recoil; Increases Shooter Comfort & Control

Adjustable, buttstock-mounted recoil absorption system transforms recoil from a sharp, painful slap to a slow, manageable push. Ideal for beginners, youth, and smaller-statured shooters, the Auto-Buster prevents bad habits, like flinching or lifting your head to avoid recoil, from starting in the first place and helps experienced shooters overcome them. May be installed on a wide range of rifles and shotguns, including semi-auto competition shotguns, with minimal protrusion into the stock. Dual machined aluminum buttplates contain an exclusive spring system that allows the shooter to customize the amount of recoil reduction by selecting interchangeable Light, Medium, and Heavy tension spring Mfg: Speedbump Stockworks SPECS: Body - machined aluminum, natural silver finish. Guide/Spring System - stainless steel. 61/8" (15.5cm) tall, 2" (5cm) wide, 12 oz. (340g) weight. Includes light, medium, and heavy spring sets, mounting hardware, Allen wrenches, and installation instructions.

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