A.L.S. Technolgies, Inc Top Cop 6 Oz Oc Grenade

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Brand: A.L.S. Technolgies, Inc
Category: Emergency & Survival Gear
Sub-Category: Self Defense

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Product Description:

Fog can length 4-1/4" Can diameter 2" 6 oz Actuator type: push button actuator Number of bursts: one 28 second burst Weight 6 oz Designed as non-pyrotechnic chemical device that can be used in a variety of situations Was developed to help officers in the use of force continuum and to provide reliable, less lethal, effective means of incapacitation Designed to cause disorientation through tearing and burning sensation in the eyes, coughing, and extreme burning sensation to exposed skin surfaces Mfg: A.L.S. Technolgies, Inc SPECS: Top Cop OC is a 10%, 2 million Scoville heat unit (1.33% major capsaicin content).

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