Slip 2000 Slip 2000 3 Pack

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Brand: Slip 2000
Category: Gun Cleaning & Chemicals
Sub-Category: Oils & Lubricants

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Product Description:

SLiP 2000 3-Pack contains 2 fl. oz. bottles of 725 Gun Cleaner/ Degreaser, Carbon Killer, and Gun Lube.725 Gun Cleaner/Degreaser is a water-based solvent that strips grease, oil, Cosmoline, carbon, and grime from gun parts. Safe for aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless, and won't harm plastic, bluing, sealed wood, or rubber. Use in parts washers, ultra sonic cleaners (check with manufacturer) or apply by hand. Lubricate exposed metal after use.Carbon Killer dissolves burnt-on carbon and flushes away powder residue. Soak the item to be cleaned in Carbon Killer for 5 to 15 minutes to loosen tough carbon fouling on bolts, cylinder faces, actions, muzzle brakes, and other hard-to Mfg: Slip 2000 SPECS: 3-Pack contains 2 fl. oz. bottles each of 725 Cleaner/Degreaser, Carbon Killer, and Gun Lube.

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