Olongapo Outfitters Shotgun Grab And Go Bags

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Brand: Olongapo Outfitters
Category: Shooting Accessories
Sub-Category: Range Gear

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Product Description:

Available in Black or Coyote Contains three main pouches Each pouch can hold a full box of 25 shot shells, for a total of 75 rounds Each of the three main ammunition pouches is fully covered by a flap that is secure Velcro Each ammunition pouch also uses an elastic cord restraining system that the user can pull down to tighten the mouth of the pouch as the ammunition is used Contains a small flashlight pouch that will hold one Surefire G3 or 6P sized flashlight Flashlight pouch can also hold 2 single-stack pistol magazines, 1 double-stack pistol magazine, 1 multi-tool, or anything else of similar size Includes a 1" wide fully-detachable w Mfg: Olongapo Outfitters SPECS: 7 1/2" H x 15"W


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