Thompson Target Technology Llc Clip & Shoot? All-In-One Target Stand And Halo Reactive Targets

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Brand: Thompson Target Technology Llc
Category: Shooting Accessories
Sub-Category: Targets & Accessories

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Product Description:

THOMPSON CLIP & SHOOT All-in-One Target Stands & Clips This innovative 2-clip design will hold your targets securely in place. Just fold the two tabs over the tab-pins and push, you're done and ready to start shooting! CLIP & SHOOT will last through 1,000's of shots Made of heavy duty, durable corrugated polypropylene CLIP & SHOOT's 18" support rods go into the hardest terrain with little resistance CLIP & SHOOT's convenient tote handle and rod-holders make it easy to store and transport complete. Durable, portable, and affordable! Dims 19.25"x15"x.5" Mfg: Thompson Target Technology Llc SPECS: THOMPSON CLIP & SHOOT All-in-One Target Stands & Clips: 19.25"x15"x.5." THOMPSON HALO Reactive Targets: 12.5" x 19"


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