Powertrekk Power Trekk Fuel Cell Charger And Puck Refill

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Brand: Powertrekk
Category: Emergency & Survival Gear
Sub-Category: Emergency Electronics

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The myfc PowerTrekk is a revolutionary portable charger that by it self, generates electricity from water based on Swedish Fuel Cell technology. Just by adding water and a myFC Puck with salt - you will be completely independent of the power grid. The great thing about our Fuel Cell charger is that it is like a portable power plant - it actually produces the electricity you need. With its unique fuel-cell technology, myFC PowerTrekk uses the hydrogen from the water and converts that into electricity and can therefore deliver instant, reliable power. Anywhere, anytime. With one myFC Puck and a little bit of water you will get 1200 mAh (4 Wh). The internal battery contains 1500 Mfg: Powertrekk SPECS: myFC Puck: 1200 mAh (4 Wh) - One full smartphone charge, depending of the model. Internal battery: Li-Ion 1500 mAh (5 Wh). A bit more than one full smartphone charge. USB-compliant output voltage: 5V DC. Charing input poert: Micro USB/Charging. Output port: USB-A. Max output power: 5 W in

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