Gemtech Hvt-Qd 7.62mm Suppressor

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Brand: Gemtech
Category: Rifle Parts
Sub-Category: Barrel Parts

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An efficient suppressor for rifles chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO and .30 caliber cartridges of similar case capacity, the Gemtech HVT sets the bar for endurance and reliability. The HVT has an unusually quiet sound signature that is indistinguishable from, and masked by, the bullet flight noise, making it ideal for both urban and rural tactical operations. The Gemtech Quickmount attachment system permits consistent mounting with repeatable accuracy. The male mount is torqued into position over a threaded barrel to assure utmost accuracy, and the suppressor affixes over with a simple, one-handed movement with no gates, latches, or threads to stick or fumble. It's either on, or it Mfg: Gemtech SPECS: Caliber - 7.62mm NATO or 308. Weight - 28oz. Length - 9.2". Diameter - 1.5". Materials - Stainless steel. Finish - Matte black Cerakote with reduced visual-IR signature. Attachment - Flash Hider Quickmount (sold separately). Reduction - 30dB.

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