Forster Forster Bushing Bump Kit & Bench Rest Seater Die Set

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Brand: Forster
Category: Reloading
Sub-Category: Reloading Dies

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The Forster Bushing Bump Kit & Bench Rest Seater Die Set includes both their popular Bench Rest Seater die, as well as their Bushing Bump Neck Sizer die. This kit also comes with 3 Neck Sizing Bushings; one for the bullet diameter, one that is .002" over and one .002" under the bullet diameter. This kit contains everything you need to dial in the correct neck tension and get the most accuracy out of your loads. Forster Bench Rest Seater Dies were the first of their kind to utilize a close fitting chamber that holds the case, the bullet and the seating stem all in perfect alignment. This support system allows the reloader to produce exceptionally straight ammunition. Con Mfg: Forster


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