Graco Corp Gracoil Adjustable Length Of Pull Recoil Reducer

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Brand: Graco Corp
Category: Shooting Accessories
Sub-Category: Recoil Parts

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Fully Adjustable Spring System Cushions Your Shoulder

Stainless steel piston riding in a teflon sleeve smoothly softens recoil. Improves comfort and concentration for more accurate shooting. Adjustable friction spring lets you fine tune the dampening effect for heavy and light loads. Buttplate has a wide range of vertical and horizontal adjustments. Pad plate is drilled and tapped for standard recoil pads. Quickly gives up to 3/4'''' adjustment for length of pull plus drop and cast adjustments. Improves stock fit to accommodate different shooting styles. Provides correct fit when wearing heavy or light clothing. Allows two shooters to use the same gun with equal comfort. Mfg: Graco Corp SPECS: Aluminum, matte finish. 6-1/8'''' (15.5cm) high, 2'''' (5cm) wide. Adjustments - 1 1/2'''' (3.8cm) vertical, .72'''' (18.2mm) horizontal, 360deg rotation. 5/16'''' (7.9mm) stroke. Adds 1'''' (2.5cm) to length of pull. May require shortening stock.

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