Badlands 2200 Backpack

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Brand: Badlands
Category: Archery
Sub-Category: Cases, Bags & Holders

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Product Description:

The 2200 is simply the most versatile pack on the planet. It does everything superbly, from a day hike to hauling moose quarters. We sell more 2200s to guides and hardcore hunters than all other packs combined. From its height and frame,to its batwing configuration the 2200 is designed tom compress your gear so efficiently and tightly that it has no choice but to follow your every movement. Also, you never need to take the pack off - just spin it around and presto you have access to all your gear..Weight:4 lb. 1 oz. Dimensions: 27" x 13" x 6". Capacity: 2310 ci. Pockets: 7. Bow: Yes. Rifle: Yes. Hydration: 96 oz. (not incl). Camo:AP Mfg: Badlands


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