Competitive Edge Dynamics Ced M2 Chronograph

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Brand: Competitive Edge Dynamics
Category: Shooting Accessories
Sub-Category: Range Gear

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Product Description:

The CED M2 Chronograph by Competitive Edge Dynamics has been well respected in the shooting community since 2000. The CED M2 incorporated new technology which has double the operating speed of the chronograph and expanded the operating range from 50 feet per second to 7,000 feet per second. Memory storage has been increased by 500 percent to store over 1,000 velocities. Shot stings can be stored as a single velocity or groups of up to 500 velocities. Five hundred separate strings can be retained in memory. The CED M2 will record velocities at much lower light levels than the previous Millennium chronograph. Included with the CED M2 is the chronograph, sensors, cables, screen mounting Mfg: Competitive Edge Dynamics


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