Ratigans Accuracy, Inc Extreme Rifle Accuracy By Mike Ratigan

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Brand: Ratigans Accuracy, Inc
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This book is about Benchrest Shooting by one of the very best benchrest shooting in the world right now. Mike finished this book in 2007, then proceeded to win the 9th World Bechrest Championship individual champion and led the US four-man teams to a 1,2,3 finish in the team competition. Mike shoots 100, 200 and 300 yard group benchrest, and covers all aspects of this discipline in his text. Shooters of all types, including varmint hunters, high power shooters and those who just love accurate rifles will get a lot from this book. The thirty chapters discuss equipment choices, bullets, reading wind and wind flags, bench techniques, stocks, triggers, barrels, actions and topics seldom cover Mfg: Ratigans Accuracy, Inc

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