Heritage Gun Books The Ruger Single Action Revolvers - A Shop Manual

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Brand: Heritage Gun Books
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Volume I & II by Jerry Kuhnhausen

255 pages. 6" x 9". Softbound. Covers, in detail, assembly/disassembly, accurizing, and customizing of Old Model and New Model Ruger, single action revolvers including Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, Vaquero, and Single Six. Plus, supplemental data on the Old Army, Bearcat, and out of production models. 600+ illustrations, photos, exploded view drawings, and individual parts diagrams. Discusses the history and features of each revolver design, theory of operation, plus in-depth cartridge and chamber data. Contains a complete parts section and step-by-step procedures for troubleshooting, repair, and inspection of each model. Also covers mechanical restorations and the safety aspects Mfg: Heritage Gun Books

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