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 Lipstick Pepper Spray

The Ruger branded lipstick pepper spray is designed to conveniently fit and blend in with other items in a purse or cosmetics bag. Have confidence knowing that ...

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 Model 35 Collapsible Baton Holder

Securely retains baton and positions it for easy access, fast deployment, and no-fumble re-holstering Opening in the bottom lets you re-holster an open baton ...

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 Accumold Baton Holders

Provides comfortable, all-day carry and fast access to a collapsible baton Hole in the back lets you re-holster the baton quickly, without closing it Unique...

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 38hs Oc/Mace~ Holders

Low-profile belt pouch has a retention flap with hidden snap closure for secure, discreet carry of a single can of OC spray or Mace Leather-look, thermal-form...

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 Accumold Oc Holders

High-strength locking system has 18 teeth and three retaining bars for uncompromising security Positive swing-through action with built-in backloading for fas...

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  C2 Gold Kit

The Taser personal protection device delivers a powerful yet non-lethal electrical discharge to incapacitate a violent attacker for up to 30 seconds. Gives you ...

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 Expandable Baton Case

Fits 21" or 26" expandable batons Can be holstered while extended Reinforced for long-lasting durability Compact and comfortable to wear Mirage basketwe...

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