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 Sinclair Rimfire Guides For 22 Long Rifle

We have a large assortment of rod guides that wemake for popular target/varmint rimfire rifles andare constantly adding more models to our selection.Rimfire gui...

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 O-Ring Cleaning Jags

Solid aluminum jags with rubber O-rings are ideal for cleaning the bore of your gun without worrying about damaging the rifling. O-rings press patch firmly into...

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 Cleaning Rods

Carbon fiber is well-suited to the tough tasks assigned to cleaning rods. It combines the best features of stainless steel and coated cleaning rods, then adds v...

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 Montana X-Treme Rifle Cleaning Rods

Spring steel cleaning rods push a brush or jag through the toughest fouling without bending. Dirt and grit won't cling to the proprietary, nonembedding coating ...

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 Ar-15 Adjustable Receiver Link

Handy tool secures the upper and lower receivers of an AR-15 in an open position to give easy access for cleaning and maintenance. The upper link engages the up...

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