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 Building A Single Shot Rifle Action

Walter B. Mueller. 41 pages. 81/2'''' x 11'''' softbound. Compiled from articles in The Home Shop Machinist. Detailed text, drawings and photos take you step-b...

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 The Gunsmith Machinist

Steve Acker. 203 pages. 8 1/2''''x11''''. Hardbound. The complete collection of Steve's articles from Home Shop Machinist and Machiniste*s Workshop. Entertainin...

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 The Gunsmith Machinist - Book Two

Steve Acker. 205 pages. 8 1/2''''x11''''. Hardbound. The second collection of Steves articles from Projects in Metal and Machinists Workshop magazines. Divided ...

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 1911 Auto Maintenance Manual


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 Shooting & Maintaining The Beretta 92f

By Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat. 84 min. A complete, video course on how to shoot and maintain the Beretta 92F for increased accuracy, performance, and reliabil...

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Whether youre a hunter, varminter, competitive shooter, cowboy shooter, or collector, Rifle will keep you informed about all things relating to sporting rifles....

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Every issue of Handloader contains detailed load data and easy-to-follow, how-to articles for every aspect of handloading rifle, handgun, and shotgun ammunition...

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 Pet Loads

Ken Waters. Complete, comprehensive 1166 page, soft cover volume drawn from 30 years of Kens columns in Handloader magazine and incorporating all 24 supplements...

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  Casting Dvd

Whether you're thinking about casting your own bullets, or you've been away from it for a while, these DVDs are packed with great information. Bullet Casting 10...

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